Pilot Season Swagger

Pilot Season Swagger

So even though FOX says it isn’t, there certainly is a lot going on! It many circles it’s still officially pilot season this time of year. Do your research, go in prepared, and have GREAT photos! Your reps can only pitch what you give them so make sure they have the variety and the quality they need!!! Capture personality, not poses.

Black and White VS Color

It is an interesting thing…how the mood of a photograph can change based on the saturation or absence of color. I took this photo on a hike. It was a great day and a great many emotions passed through me over the duration of the expedition. When looking over my photos, I went back and forth as to how I wanted to remember the day. The colors were vivid yet there is a simple solace that comes out in the black and white version. I digress… when looking at photography, be it for portraits, head shots, fashion, or environmental, make the choice of color or black and white based on the emotion you wish to convey. After all, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. 


Festival of Lights

Light up my life - JoshI’ve said it before, but this time of year is truly magical. The creativity seems to soar! Josh and I are inspired by so much around us and today we bring you photos from a project we did inspired by none other than Christmas Lights!!!

Anyone can take a picture. We have Instagram to show us that! But it takes someone who understands light to be able to manipulate it and create art with it. These images here are shared from an exercize in capturing personality through light. There is a wide variety in the finished project which is unusual for us as we like to have a theme to the finish in the end product. Ah but light is fluid, like personality and so this project is all about mood and how light plays to those moods. Enjoy! Comment! Share! (Just please remember to give proper photo credit)

In this time of year we all enjoy the renewal the light and the New Year brings. It’s a hope and promise of good things to come. This season has been marred by an unthinkable event. Josh and I choose to find solace in the good and beauty that is out there and be reminded that there is far more of it than the other. Our holiday wish for you: Let’s revel in the joy that is children. Let’s play in the magic of the season. Let’s hold on to light. hope, and all things good. That said, let’s light it up!!!

IMG_0406-2IMG_0487Pintrest SageIMG_0128-Edited

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Why Headshots?

You can be an absolutely amazing actor, but no one will appreciate your awesomeness and on camera genius until they see you. A great HEADSHOT has become a necessity in today’s acting market. It’s an odd conundrum as people hem and haw about spending money on headshots. I understand this. These days it seems everyone is saving money where they can and I don’t blame them one bit! The issue comes in with the old attage “You get what you pay for” and if you are getting your headshots from Joe Nobody on Craigslist, you have no idea what you will end up with. Your headshot is the first impression CASTING gets of you. If they aren’t any good, you aren’t getting past the front door and so there you will sit…at home…with all of your amazing talent…in front of the TV, instead of on it. So, do you need headshots? The answer is YES!!!! Do you need quality headshots? The answer is, well, that depends on what your goals are and where you are going….but hopefully the answer again is YES!!!

Here’s some questions to ask yourself when thinking about headshots…

Am I ready to take my acting to the next level? (Then your headshots better reflect that YES you are now yelling)

How many different shots/looks do I need to get? (This is answered by your team of representation and conversation with your photographer)

What photographer do I go to? (One that you CLICK with and will work with your needs and budget!)