I love shooting portraits and film stills but every now and again it’s good to get away. Of course, my camera goes with me and I capture little moments. This moment reminded me we are all a part of things and it takes us all to make and keep things beautiful.


Image I took this photo while out in the mountains. It’s always nice to be reminded we as humans are not the largest or most important thing on this planet. There is something very powerful in a waterfall carving it’s way down a mountain. Wild. All of life needs water to survive and what a beautiful way to see it as it was created, down a mountain rather than in a bottle or from a tap. 

Black and White VS Color

It is an interesting thing…how the mood of a photograph can change based on the saturation or absence of color. I took this photo on a hike. It was a great day and a great many emotions passed through me over the duration of the expedition. When looking over my photos, I went back and forth as to how I wanted to remember the day. The colors were vivid yet there is a simple solace that comes out in the black and white version. I digress… when looking at photography, be it for portraits, head shots, fashion, or environmental, make the choice of color or black and white based on the emotion you wish to convey. After all, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.