In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

A sample of a shot for a dancer’s portfolio. I love doing photo shoots like this as it gives a real opportunity for models to showcase their individuality and me a chance to capture it.

Spring Forward!

Spring Forward!

Celebrate Spring! Time of renewal and joy! Wake up your portfolio with new photos and revive your career with all things fresh!

A Spring Fling Giveaway by JT Pro Imaging and friends!!




Welcome to our pretty as a flower giveaway!  Spring has sprung and its time for new clothes for your little one.  Come meet the designers offering this darling outfit to one lucky winner!

First up is KS Monkeys who made this darling applique shirt. KS Monkeys Facebook Shop
One lucky winner will win this shirt in the size of their choice. (limited to size range offerings.)


Little Whimsy Wears made this darling skirt to match.  Facebook Shop
One lucky winner will also get this coordinating skirt!

This darling collaborration was photographed by JT Pro Imaging.  Jt Pro Imaging specializes in studio work and outdoor set photography.  The photos you see here are not outdoors at all but actually in a studio using props!  How amazing are they?  JT Pro has a portfolio that includes celeb headshots, product and event photography. To learn more about JT Pro please vist their website or Facebook page.



Enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter gadget below.  Good luck!


03/29/2013 11:06am

Have twin girls who are always in need of cute clothes.


Ayanna McLeod
03/29/2013 11:16am

My daughter would love this darling outfit!


Laura merrigan (peters
03/29/2013 7:05pm

my beautiful daughter 🙂


03/29/2013 10:11pm

My daughter thank you


03/29/2013 10:11pm

Super cute outfit! Would love to win for my little girl!


03/29/2013 10:38pm

For my little daughter!


Theresa Ann
03/30/2013 10:24am

My daughter would ❤ LOVE THIS….


03/30/2013 10:48am

For my beautiful daughter!


Erin Noie
03/30/2013 10:01pm

My daughter <3<3! TY for the chance!


Alyssa Michalski
03/31/2013 12:24pm

My daughter!


juanita may
03/31/2013 3:42pm

My granddaughter


Deanna Middendorf
03/31/2013 8:35pm

my adorable niece


04/03/2013 5:30pm

Would love to win for my sweet daughter



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The Art of Pin Up

ImageThe term ‘Pin Up’ came to be in the early 1940’s. It simply referred to the mass production of images of a ‘cheesecake’ girl to be mass produced and pinned up. It could be post cards, magazines, calendars, really anything. Over time though, popular culture has taken pin up and turned it into iconic art. It is fascinating to see how businesses have used it for their products, how celebrities have used it to garnish sex appeal, and how painters, pencil artists, tattoo artists, and photographers, have done their take on it and promoted their version of PIN UP.

We recently did a shoot for Lover Dovers clothing. This company is known for its kitchy aprons and sweet and classic look. We took their sweet and flirty and brought it to life in a local retro candy shop. The result was fantastic. When you look at these photos, you see a fun catalog shoot that is full of personality borderline editorial, yet the product is still the focal point.

Photos: Josh Tousey, JT Pro Imaging

Stylist: Jen Tousey, JT Pro Imaging

Hair: Pasquale Caselle

Make Up: Linda Caselle

Aprons: Lover Dovers

Location: Rocket Fizz, Sherman Oaks

For More Photos visit us on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST


Modeling Opportunities with JT Pro Imaging

Josh and I love what we do. We are fortunate to be able to wake up each day and be excited for what the work day brings us. We produce a lot of our own shoots, at least once a month but more like twice and that allows for a lot of opportunity for models. If we can help people out with opportunity, that is GREAT!!!

It’s all about setting yourself up for success and the more you are prepared, the more smoothly things will go and ultimately more fun!! In that spirit, here’s all the info you will need to know to shoot successfully with us.

1. ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and watch the postings. This is where we post the modeling opps. We don’t keep a database of models as models change, especially young ones. It’s much better to simply submit for the opportuities that are right for you. We DO think of our clients first and do offer them opportunities as often as we can.

2. Submit as per instructions on the postings. Typically we ask for a recent snapshot and full body shot. We like submissions to go through Facebook. Please read the postings and if you are not right for it, hang tight, there WILL be more opportunity!!

3. Respond quickly and show up for your appointment. One thing I CAN guarantee…if you are a no show, we won’t consider using you again.

4. When we produce our own shoots, it is for our purposes. You will need to sign a standard model release. In return, sometimes you get images. Sometimes you get access to web ready images and have the option to purchase print ready images. Sometimes you get product. It will all be gone over with you when selected. No surprises. 🙂

5. Friends. Sometimes we will ask  if you have friends available for a shoot. But yes, share our page and let everyone know!!! Shoots are always a lot of fun when people know each other already.

How about opportunities for make up and hair artists?

YES. We love you!! YES there are opportunities for you too!! Again, watch the postings and we’ll let you know. Do you have a splendid idea and need an amazing photographer to work with? Shoot us an email. We ADORE creativity!!! We’ll look it over, talk with you about your vision, and see if it’s a good project for us to work on together!

And Designers?

YES. We love you too!! Please contact us in a personal message with an introduction and we will meet in person (probably over coffee because  really, what is a day without coffee) and we can get to know each other as people and as a business. From there we will discuss what you might need and how best to make that happen!!

Any other questions? We’re always here to answer. So go find us on Facebook, interact with us, and let’s go have some fun!!


Opportunity Knocking!!

We are fortunate to work with some truly amazing people! Talent, passion, and genuinely great folks!! And when one of them gets a great idea, we FULLY support it, especially if it’s something that helps others!  Kangacoo Designs whose fab fashion for young girls is being noted all over the place lately is teaming up with JT Pro Imaging to offer a great opportunity to get some modeling experience!!

Great client…awesome clothing…modeling opportunity to someone new…Really the only thing that could make this better is coffee. And let’s be honest, knowing Josh and myself, there WILL be coffee! HAHA

Here is the link with all the details!!!! It’s going to be a LOT of fun so spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested. I mean, who doesn’t love the holidays??? What a great tear sheet to have for the portfolio and to bring to prospective agents!!! Good luck and we look forward to working with you soon!!!