Old Hollywood Icon Project

The Old Hollywood Icon Project began with an idea last spring. It started as a simple thought of how could we really showcase our ideals and value as a company. We at JT Pro Imaging as a company, stand for what we stand for as individuals. We value authentic relationship. We enjoy sharing successes of our friends and clients. We feel that this industry was founded on a lot of class and style and respect and we are in a unique place of opportunity to bring those values to the forefront of this industry once more.

In addition, we really like what we do!! And darn it all,  we’re pretty good at it! Josh and I work together very well and so within days, this idea started to blossom and before we knew it, we had a full fledged production going on. We brought in hair and make up, we chose several of our clients and transformed them into Old Hollywood Icons. We had so much fun choosing people and playing with what icons we could transform them into. Josh studied old photography lighting and editing techniques. He looked at the different styles each photographer had. It was an amazing amount of prep work to even get to the shoot days and we loved every minute of it!!!

Three days of shooting later, we realized we had something incredibly special on our hands!!! I could go on and on about this project…and, oh, I will….but well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words….so without further ado…..here is some of our project. ENJOY!!!!