Festival of Lights

Light up my life - JoshI’ve said it before, but this time of year is truly magical. The creativity seems to soar! Josh and I are inspired by so much around us and today we bring you photos from a project we did inspired by none other than Christmas Lights!!!

Anyone can take a picture. We have Instagram to show us that! But it takes someone who understands light to be able to manipulate it and create art with it. These images here are shared from an exercize in capturing personality through light. There is a wide variety in the finished project which is unusual for us as we like to have a theme to the finish in the end product. Ah but light is fluid, like personality and so this project is all about mood and how light plays to those moods. Enjoy! Comment! Share! (Just please remember to give proper photo credit)

In this time of year we all enjoy the renewal the light and the New Year brings. It’s a hope and promise of good things to come. This season has been marred by an unthinkable event. Josh and I choose to find solace in the good and beauty that is out there and be reminded that there is far more of it than the other. Our holiday wish for you: Let’s revel in the joy that is children. Let’s play in the magic of the season. Let’s hold on to light. hope, and all things good. That said, let’s light it up!!!

IMG_0406-2IMG_0487Pintrest SageIMG_0128-Edited

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Three Reasons to be THANKFUL

November is a time to reflect and give thanks for all the opportunities and experiences we’ve gained over the last year. It’s also a time to start preparing for the upcoming pilot season!! Here’s a couple of quick and fun things to be thankful for AND help get you in gear for what is to come!!


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JT Pro Imaging is offering a screaming deal to get photos done to send out for Holiday Greetings to all those casting directors!! A really nice way to reconnect and say thanks for the great year along with making sure they see your face before all those pilot season breakdowns come in!! Why the great deal? Our way of saying thanks to you!!


SO many lovely festive things going on! While you are giving thanks and prepping for the next few months, don’t forget to smell the turkey! Enjoy what life has to offer you! get out there and LIVE!!

Happy Haunting!!

Tonight is the night for tricks and treats

for kids in costumes and in sheets

Tonight imaginations go wild

And everyone gets to be a child

Tonight of witches and goblins beware

We’ll see you tomorrow with lots to share!!!