It seems these days everyone with a camera calls themselves a photographer. The mark of the professional is the understanding and use of light. Highlighting and shading a subject can drastically alter the mood of a photograph. Understanding light and how to manipulate it is an art form that a photographer will work on and play with their entire career. Working with light keeps it interesting for me and it truly makes all the difference in a final photo.

Modeling Opportunities with JT Pro Imaging

Josh and I love what we do. We are fortunate to be able to wake up each day and be excited for what the work day brings us. We produce a lot of our own shoots, at least once a month but more like twice and that allows for a lot of opportunity for models. If we can help people out with opportunity, that is GREAT!!!

It’s all about setting yourself up for success and the more you are prepared, the more smoothly things will go and ultimately more fun!! In that spirit, here’s all the info you will need to know to shoot successfully with us.

1. ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and watch the postings. This is where we post the modeling opps. We don’t keep a database of models as models change, especially young ones. It’s much better to simply submit for the opportuities that are right for you. We DO think of our clients first and do offer them opportunities as often as we can.

2. Submit as per instructions on the postings. Typically we ask for a recent snapshot and full body shot. We like submissions to go through Facebook. Please read the postings and if you are not right for it, hang tight, there WILL be more opportunity!!

3. Respond quickly and show up for your appointment. One thing I CAN guarantee…if you are a no show, we won’t consider using you again.

4. When we produce our own shoots, it is for our purposes. You will need to sign a standard model release. In return, sometimes you get images. Sometimes you get access to web ready images and have the option to purchase print ready images. Sometimes you get product. It will all be gone over with you when selected. No surprises. 🙂

5. Friends. Sometimes we will ask  if you have friends available for a shoot. But yes, share our page and let everyone know!!! Shoots are always a lot of fun when people know each other already.

How about opportunities for make up and hair artists?

YES. We love you!! YES there are opportunities for you too!! Again, watch the postings and we’ll let you know. Do you have a splendid idea and need an amazing photographer to work with? Shoot us an email. We ADORE creativity!!! We’ll look it over, talk with you about your vision, and see if it’s a good project for us to work on together!

And Designers?

YES. We love you too!! Please contact us in a personal message with an introduction and we will meet in person (probably over coffee because  really, what is a day without coffee) and we can get to know each other as people and as a business. From there we will discuss what you might need and how best to make that happen!!

Any other questions? We’re always here to answer. So go find us on Facebook, interact with us, and let’s go have some fun!!


Audrey’s Magazine FNO LA

September 14, 2011     Courtesy of Audrey’s Magazine, ‘Exchange LA’ played host to another spectacular Fashion Night Out in Los Angeles, with live music, brand new runway models and of course plenty of opportunities to shop. Beautiful vintage looks really stood out here, drawing inspiration from the 20’s with beading and long layers, right up to the orange and brown tones of the 70’s. Men’s suits also nodded towards a retro feel, sporting braces, bow ties and even a straw boater hat. However, there was still no lack of up to the minute fashions with bold, modern outfits that provided our SpottinStyle photographer with an array of great red-carpet looks. Written by Holly Griffin / photos by Josh Tousey Check out the photos of this event at Be sure to comment on the photos and ‘like’ !!