Billie Holiday

We embarked on a journey last year that had us combining the histories of Hollywood and Photography, both of what encompass our brand and our field. Each month this year we will showcase a photography piece from this project and tell you a little bit about it. Here is Miss Tracy Z. Francis who we transformed into the legend Billie Holiday. These photos were done in studio and required a look back into lighting and cameras of the time. We think she captured the spirit of Billie both on stage and the underlying sadness that surrounded the legend. This coupled with the mood we recreated gave us brilliant photos. ImageImageImageImage


Image I took this photo while out in the mountains. It’s always nice to be reminded we as humans are not the largest or most important thing on this planet. There is something very powerful in a waterfall carving it’s way down a mountain. Wild. All of life needs water to survive and what a beautiful way to see it as it was created, down a mountain rather than in a bottle or from a tap.