Billie Holiday

We embarked on a journey last year that had us combining the histories of Hollywood and Photography, both of what encompass our brand and our field. Each month this year we will showcase a photography piece from this project and tell you a little bit about it. Here is Miss Tracy Z. Francis who we transformed into the legend Billie Holiday. These photos were done in studio and required a look back into lighting and cameras of the time. We think she captured the spirit of Billie both on stage and the underlying sadness that surrounded the legend. This coupled with the mood we recreated gave us brilliant photos. ImageImageImageImage



I love shooting portraits and film stills but every now and again it’s good to get away. Of course, my camera goes with me and I capture little moments. This moment reminded me we are all a part of things and it takes us all to make and keep things beautiful.

Dancing in the Rough

This was a fun project capturing beauty in motion. I enjoy playing with opposites in a composition of a photograph. The grace and beauty coupled with the muck and the mire of the sewer outlets. Life is much that way and we should always seek out beauty because it is everywhere if you look and want it to be.ImageImageImagee

Pilot Season Swagger

Pilot Season Swagger

So even though FOX says it isn’t, there certainly is a lot going on! It many circles it’s still officially pilot season this time of year. Do your research, go in prepared, and have GREAT photos! Your reps can only pitch what you give them so make sure they have the variety and the quality they need!!! Capture personality, not poses.


Image I took this photo while out in the mountains. It’s always nice to be reminded we as humans are not the largest or most important thing on this planet. There is something very powerful in a waterfall carving it’s way down a mountain. Wild. All of life needs water to survive and what a beautiful way to see it as it was created, down a mountain rather than in a bottle or from a tap. 

Black and White VS Color

It is an interesting thing…how the mood of a photograph can change based on the saturation or absence of color. I took this photo on a hike. It was a great day and a great many emotions passed through me over the duration of the expedition. When looking over my photos, I went back and forth as to how I wanted to remember the day. The colors were vivid yet there is a simple solace that comes out in the black and white version. I digress… when looking at photography, be it for portraits, head shots, fashion, or environmental, make the choice of color or black and white based on the emotion you wish to convey. After all, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. 


Fishtail Braid Tutorial

We had a great time on this editorial shoot! And one of the photos even landed us the cover! Enjoy the tutorial and beautiful photos. Photos: JT Pro Imaging Hair: Danica Schaefer Makeup: Jen Tousey Make Up

The Fashion Business Mentor

If I knew fishtail braids were this easy I would have been doing them a long time ago!!!_MG_0661

Danica Hair Design
teaches us how to do a fishtail braid. Who knew it was so simple!
Photos by JT Pro Imaging, make up by Jen Tousey Make Up

Come see the step by step photo tutorial HERE!

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Time to have fun and show the world what you’ve got!!! Stand out and be seen like these successful actors and actresses!!

New Year’s 2014

New Year's 2014

Welcome to a new adventure! A clean slate for four seasons of success and memories. My resolutions this year are to grow our family business and take it to the next level. My hope is that our success inspires others to follow their passions, set goals, and achieve! One thing I know for sure is that I will be better about posting blogs and on other social media. Last year this wasn’t exactly a strength. I invite you to come along with my family and I this year! Please follow us on this blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Let’s make it a party! And the adventure begins!!