Clayton Snyder as Paul Newman

15 images-1 13 Paul-Newman-Biography Clayton has this great and fun personality and a complete zest for life! I’ve had the pleasure to photograph him a couple times now and every time we have a lot of fun. When my wife and I decided to recreate Hollywood icons in today’s market it was she who thought of Clayton as Paul Newman almost immediately. “He has that mischievous sparkle in his eye” she said. And I think we captured it here. CONGRATULATIONS to Clayton who is currently filming NCIS!

Behind the Scenes

So people ask all the time what a photo shoot is like….Today I put together for you a nifty little peek at what happens behind the scenes. This slide show features LightningCloud, the dynamic music group who won the Power 106 Who’s Next contest and is performing with some pretty heavy hitters this summer! Burn It Down by Lightning Cloud. Enjoy!!



ImageLightningCloud is a North American Hip Hop group based out of Los
Angeles, California. The duo consists of Crystle Lightning and MC
Invigorated by the sounds and energy of the underground club scenes,
LightningCloud found a way to fuse the elements of Hip Hop
with Electro-House music, giving birth to a two headed, fire spitting
dragon of sophisticated delivery. LightningCloud is well equipped with
a highly anticipated debut album that is rumored to explode and
capture the hearts of every listener. With a vibrant, multimedia stage
performance in their arsenal and a hunger that is all but gone in this
generation, LightningCloud arrives to save us all from the
monotony…just in the nick of time.Sam Slovik of the LA Weekly writes-
“North American Hip Hop duo, LightningCloud are a near-earth object
inventing new realms of the Electro-House-Hip-Hop revolution on the
Urban futurist, MC RedCloud and Crystle Lightning are L.A.’s
subterranean Bonnie and Clyde, inhabiting new worlds of underground
hip hop.
Stay tuned for the impending imminent.”LightningClouds reputation proceeds them and they live up to the hype
on this debut album. The LP is described as first class lyricism with
an assortment of
patterns, styles and articulations, over unmerciful hip hop, electro
and house production. Songs like “Casino Money” and “Gravitron”
satisfy the souls of any dance club elitists, while tracks like “Hang
it Up Daddy” and “Get Tribal” earn the respect of hip hop heads and
boombox saints alike.Crystle Lightning is everything that her given name implies: a
clearbolt of penetrating energy.

A Plains Cree/First Nations Indigenous woman, Crystle began her show
business journey at the tender age of four in Edmonton Alberta,
Canada. By the age of nine, Crystle and her family relocated to
Hollywood California where she immediately landed her first lead role
in the blockbuster hit:
3 NINJAS – KNUCKLE UP. Since then she has landed impressive
performances, including: a recurring role on the daytime NBC soap DAYS
OLDER THAN AMERICA she played strong supporting role along side
veteran actor BRADLEY COOPER (“Hang Over” “People Magazines Sexiest
Man Alive 2011”).

A woman of many talents, Crystle Lightning is also a well established
DJ. She is one half of the Hollywood DJ Crew “Ladies of The House”.
Spinning records at notable famed clubs such as King King and House of
Blues and honed residencies at The 1616 Club and Lucys 51, Crystle
Lightning made her imprint in the realm of music entertainment. While
touring with partner in crime and rhyme, RedCloud, Crystle made her
from behind the DJ booth to center stage with Mic in hand and
discovered another way to move the crowd. LightningCloud was

MC RedCloud, from the City of Hawthorne, is an indigenous legend with
a highly exalted live performance track record.

A California Native and Huichol Indian (Jalisco, Mexico), MC RedCloud
began his underground supremacy when his freestyles where heard over
the radio airwaves, as he defeated numerous opponents on Power 106
with Felli Fel. RedCloud signed with Syntax/Koch in 2000 and moved
well over 50,000 units of his releases. RedCloud is a “Tour Monster”
and has seen 60 Nationwide dates in a row with TECH N9NE and MURS. He
also toured consistently with IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, KRS ONE and EVIDENCE.

RedCloud’s life would be forever changed during a chance encounter at
a Native Threads Catalogue Photoshoot, when he met his soul mate
Crystle Lightning. Both being rehearsal junkies and choreography
addicts, it was only a matter of time that LightningCloud would join forces with DJ Hydroe (RedClouds DJ since High School),
overflow and spill onto
stages all across the Planet. LightningCloud’s self titled debut album

“LightningCloud” just won BEST HIP HOP ALBUM at the 2012 APCMA Awards!

Bundle up, the reign is coming!
LightningCloud just won the Power 106 “Whos Next/Battle for the Best” Contest and are on their way to Austin Texas for the SXSW Festival to face the Winner of Hot 97 in New York in a battle for the official title of “Whos Next”. The winner cuts a record with the legendary TIMBALAND.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with this talented group for several photoshoots and they are pros all the way!!!! These guys are hard working, red blooded, and well, just plain fierce!! We LOVE working with them and hanging’ with them because in addition to possessing GOBS of talent, they are excellent individuals!!! It is our honor to support these talented folks and we invite you to do so as well!!!

Support LightningCloud by setting your alarms for tomorrow Friday March 15 at 1pm PST.
Text POWER to 51515 (as many times as possible!!!) untill 5pm. Whoever has the most texts- WINS! My money is on them!!!!

Michael Chey

One of our favorite things in this business is to watch and be a part of young talent growing. We’ve worked with Michael Chey for a couple of years now and it has been a pleasure watching him grow as an actor. This recent photoshoot…well he pretty much rocked it. It was clear to us that Michael has grown to be very comfortable in front of the camera. He and Josh work very well together and the range of this talent came through! There is no doubt in my mind you will be seeing more and more of this young man on screen.

Where you saw him last: New Girl and The Tonight Show


Where you’ll see him next: oops, can’t tell you that yet!


Where you can connect with him:!/pages/Michael-Chey/212272635449968?fref=ts

Young Marqus

Just a quick little teaser…this young man is about to become a household name! He has a new single coming out Send Me a Picture featuring Jacob Latimore and has shows lined up in Chicago in December!!! Not too shabby for a twelve year old!! Follow him here:



Hair by Pasquale

Toronto.Milan.Rome.Caribbean.LA. These are where Pasquale calls home…sharing his passion and art with high end clientele. He has a marketly European style of cutting and coloring and is known and called upon by clients such as Miss Italy and Miss Universe as well as many celebrities and other refined and dignified clients. Pasquale’s work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Wedding Bells, and many many more publications. His reputation is shining and over and above all else, he is a great guy, and finds beauty and inspiration in everything around him! His work photographs beautifully and it is a joy to watch him work with such grace and style!! We simply LOVE working with him and wanted to share a little bit of his brilliance with you!! You can learn more about Pasquale at his website

Karan Brar sets example for Young Hollywood

There is nothing ‘Wimpy’ about Karan Brar. At the ripe age of 13, he is building a resume that takes most actors a lifetime to attain. Seen regularly on Disney’s ‘Jessie’, he also has made guest appearances on ‘Sophia the First’ and Disney XD’s ‘Pair of Kings’. This summer of course, he reprised his role of Chirag Gupta for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. He has a couple of new films getting ready to come out as well, but the real success of Karan is as a person.

Karan is a great student and is currently in eighth grade. He loves to swim and is looking forward to moving into the new home with the family as it has a pool! We’ve had the honor to work with Karan and his family since before Diary came out and through all the success, Karan has shone. He is an example for all young actors as he treats everyone with respect and he is a genuine individual thankful for the opportunities given to him. This attitude, along with hard work and excellent family support has put Karan Brar on the map and we look forward to seeing more and more success for him!

Where you’ll see him next: Popstar Magazine, November issue

Where you can keep up to date on Karan: www.karanbrar.comand @thekaranbrar

Client Brittany Martz-Lead in Malice

Brittany Martz just wrapped the webseries Malice with writer/director Philip Cook of Eagle films. Malice follows the story of Alice Turner and her family as they move into her grandmother’s house in rural Virginia. Strange occurrences plague the family from the get go and when people start disappearing its up to sixteen-year-old Alice to go “down the rabbit hole” and rescue them all. The show officially premieres in January 2012. Sneak previews can be found on the Youtube channel, malicedownunder.

Brittany is a success story from a regional market. She generally works on the east coast in secondary markets but that hasn’t stopped her talents or success. Congratulations Brittany!! We are all very proud of you!!!

Next week…part four of four on Prepping for Pilot Season!!!

In her own words…another client success story

I would like to tell you a little about Jennifay Joy…she is a girl on the move..up the charts that is! I had the pleasure of shooting some fun promo shots of Jennifay when she breezed into town for a bunch of meetings. Jennifay is not only a talented young lady but has a wonderfully fun spirit about her! We had a great time combining her personality and her music and translating those into some fun promo shots. Jennifay is full of life and an excellent personality!! But enough of me going on about her….here’s where she is now…in her own words…

After making it through to the top 70 of X Factor, I have been pursuing my musical career and seizing every opportunity given to me. I’ve been working on getting my originals recorded onto an album so that I can release my EP soon. I’ve also been performing constantly! My dream is to become a country recording artist and after hearing what the judges said to me at my initial audition in Dallas I don’t think anything can stop me. The one thing I said going into X Factor was that I didn’t want to have any regrets. I could have just given up when I got assigned to the rap group but I didn’t. I gave it my all and looking back there’s nothing I could have done differently. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. X Factor was an awesome experience, and although I may not be a rapper I know I am destined to be a performer. Be on the lookout for my new music, because as far as I’m concerned this is not a wrap on my career things have just begun! Sorry I couldn’t resist that cheesy line ha 😉;)Jennifay Joy

This rising star is one to watch folks!!! She’s already well on her way….

The Business of Acting

Lately I’ve been asked a lot about the business side of acting.It’s spurred a lot of interesting discussions with people and I thought I’d take a day and focus on this concept. It’s avery unique balance because the entertainment industry is full of all these wonderfully talented people but very often amazingly gifted people in the arts are not as equally gifted on the business side of things. That is why we have entities like Agents and Managers. These people are very business oriented and it’s their job to take your talent and put you in the positions where you (all) can make money from it. It’s very easy to get upset with the AGENTS and MANAGERS and it’s always easier to point a finger elsewhere when you aren’t getting where you want to be in the business. It’s the whole left brain right brain thing….artist brains just tend to function differently then business brains. But the reality is AGENTS and MANAGERS can only SELL what you give them. So it’s YOUR job to keep them up to date with new looks and skills and marketable skills and anything else they can use as a WEDGE to get in the door to sell you and your talents.

How does this relate to this blog?

Well, a couple of weekends ago I shot a bunch of ‘up and comings’ of young Hollywood sporting their FALL FASHION SMARTNESS and they ended up being their own featured gallery in Spottin’ Style Magazine. Of course, as is the trend with all things marketed, these photos were linked to FACEBOOK and people went nuts commenting and ‘liking’. One of the kids contacted me saying that a Producer saw the photos and remarked that this was a bit of EXCELLENT PRESS. He said, “It may seem small, but every step you take moves you forward and puts you in the limelight to be seen and thought of.” WOW!! What great comments!! Another one of the kids sent the link to their MANAGER. Guess what? That Manager now has the article and photo in that actor’s PRESS KIT!!!

The point is this is a BUSINESS and you THE ACTOR need to approach it as such. Look for those UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES and make the most of them when you find them!!

Do you have a story to share about these unique opportunities? Let’s hear it!! Are you one of those kids from the shoot and want to share how those photos are helping your business? POST AWAY PEOPLE!!! POST AWAY….