September Challenge Assignment

One thing there is an abundance of here in Hollywood…OPPORTUNITY

September’s Challenge Assignment is to take a business class or seminar. Why in the world would you the actor, the artiste, need a business class?? Well, to put it simply, you ARE your business. And as CEO of you, it is your job to learn how to run a small business.

So this month, as kids go back to school, so should you!! Search on line and in person. Find a good book and learn how to market and care for the business of YOU. Be sure to look into legal info, accounting, marketing, and all that good stuff anyone needs to know to launch a successful business.

One word of caution…this can be daunting and downright overwhelming, especially to creative types who function much better with fluid rather than rigid. Go slow…one step at a time. Just find one class or book or seminar that you can use to apply to your business. Maybe it’s learning the pros and cons of being incorporated, maybe i’ts accounting, perhaps it’s marketing. The point is, choose something that is do able and relevent to where you are in your journey. Keep up the good work!!!


August’s challenge Assignment

Smart Marketing

Bella King by JT Pro Imaging

It’s almost ironic that I’ve fallen behind in updating the blog and this month the challenge assignment was smart marketing. The beautiful part of this business is when things go off track, it’s not too daunting a task to get back on it. SO her I am and here we go!!

Press Kits: This is something you develop. It includes interviews and media photos. It’s something your reps develop with you to be able to pitch to talk shows etc. It shows you know how to carry yourself in public and you know how to conduct your self in an interview. It’s constantly developing and you should keep copies of everything for yourself.

Demo Reels: Again, a pitching tool. Start with what you have and add to and replace as you get meatier roles and more credits. Once you have enough to pull from, consider a comedy demo reel and a dramatic one.

Publicist: Ah, the burning question…when to get one… like deciding to get a manager, this is really a personal choice. A publicist can be of help to get you noticed, can be of help to change your image, can work with you on a lot of different levels…it just depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend.

Social networking: This is a delicate area as some industry people love it and others do not. As with everything, do your research first and then decide who you are going to market to and how so. Do dillengence! The last thing you want to do is overstep your bounds and end up ticking off the very people who might be looking to employ you.

Websites, post cards, emails, and more: Look, there are loads of articles on what you can do to market yourself. If you are reading this then it is likely you are already researching these ideas. The biggest thing is to think first. Think about your BUDGET. Think about what RESULTS you are hoping for. And think about how this may or may not AFFECT you. In other words, if a CD openly states ‘Don’t contact me on Facebook.’ then respect that. SO this month (or what’s left of it) create a marketing plan that starts with now…episodic season and make it a twelve month plan. I know I’ll be revisiting ours!!

May’s Challenge Assignment

Web Presence.

It’s a subject of much debate in the entertainment industry. How much exposure is too much exposure? Or not enough? We are living in the digital age and things go viral in an instant. Facebook, Instagram (@JTProImaging), Twitter (@JTProImaging), Linked IN and the list oges on…. You can’t have a career in the entertainment industry, or really any industry without at least some kind of presence on the web.

So here’s May’s challenge assignement for you and your career. Ask yourself the following questions:

What sites are you on?

What does your presence look like?

How are they helping you? Are they hurting you?

Research what’s a good web presence.. and evaluate how you present yourself on line. Are your sites geared for fans or industry? Are they portraying what you want to world to know or not know about you? They say a picture is worth a thousand words…what are your photos saying about you?

Happy researching and revamping!!

Your last chance at a first impression

The entertainment industry can be temperamental. There’s so many ways to go wrong and with everything being so fast paced, it is easy to make snap decisions that later on could prove to be detrimental. It is important to understand there are stages to a career in the entertainment industry and jumping the gun isn’t the best approach. Once an actor has made that impression of “not ready”, it’s a tough sell to prove otherwise. It behooves the actor to do research and do it right. While there is always the element of luck in Hollywood, these steps are tried and true.

Get trained/stay trained: do research, talk with others, ask questions, get informed

Get professional quality headshots: do not skimp here.

Demo Reel/Actor Slate: If you don’t have one, have the other. This will change as you build your resume.

Get online: register on all the appropriate outlets Actor’s Access, LA Casting, Etc.

Once these steps are taken, THEN you can move on to step two, building your resume and demo reel.

For this start with the non paying jobs and student films. In addition to earning credits and gaining footage for the demo reel, the actor will gain tons of knowledge just by being on a set. Remember this industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Make your impressions count!!

April’s challenge Assignment

Get educated. Acting is an evoltution…never stop learning….what classes have you taken? what are you weak in? Are you at the top of your game acting wise? Then perhaps consider  a specialty thing like dance?

This month’s challenge assignment is to choose a skill and brush it up or create a new one. The goal will be to add something solid to your resume by the end of the month. Choose your skill and ask around to people you know in the industry for the best place to go get trained. Once you narrow it down to one or two call the places and see if you can audit a class. Most places believe in their product so much they have no problem offering a one class audit. You can sit in and see if you are a good fit.  Once you find your spot, go for it!! Put your all into it and once you have achieved some level of success, make sure your reps know of your new found talent. It’s one more thing they can use to pitch your wonderful self!!


Waiting Room Etiquette

Six quick tips to waiting room do’s and don’ts

Quiet: this is a room for preperation for talent. Respect other people and keep your voice, your phone, and your rustling bags to yourself.

Bring something to do. Parent bring something to do. Books = good! Video games that make noise = not so much

Food and drink: if you must bring them, make sure they are spill proof and again, quiet

Talking with others: it’s fine to say hello to an old friend but if it’s a conversation you’re after, perhaps it’s best taken to the hallway

The snot factor: Everyone is there because they have talent and a great look. You’ll catch far more flies with honey then vinegar so save the ‘looking down the nose’ and intimidation tactics for sports. Jealous and Snotty are just not cute looks. So yesterday’s fashion.

Siblings and pets: you love them. we love them…but not at the JOB interview.

Follow these tips to another successful experience in the biz!! Did I forget any?? Feel free to add to the list under ‘Comments’

Spring Clean your website!!

So much of the world is on line these days and the entertainment industry is no exception, in fact, in some ways, it is the leader. You as a talent must have an internet presence. It’s part of the job these days. You must maintain that presence and keep it fresh and interesting. It’s a lot of work but it’s all part of the job. So let’s get serious about our site!

First, do you even have a website? Ideally, you own You might also consider sites that your target audience may google to find you. the and others that are similar. When you go through a reputable source like Go Daddy, you can sometimes get package deals. I like Go Daddy the best. They have excellent customer service.

Website design. Your website is an extension of you so let your personality be reflected in the design and layout. Do you play primarily thugs or mobsters? Then allow your website to reflect that feel. Brand yourself and carry it through your internet presence.

Keep it simple: Decide your target audience. This will be largely based on your place on your career path. Are you catering to fans or are you looking to get work? Make it clear and then keep your website clean and don’t overwhelm the visitor with too much information or too much going on.

Link it up!! You have Facefook and Twitter and Linked In so make sure all those links are on your site. Industry pros use a variety of social media so make certain they can get a hold of you in their preferred way.

Of course, this is a general checklist to go by but it’s always good to start simple. For more specific questions, feel free to post. We will respond and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in some good direction. All the best and happy cleaning!!