The importance of Make Up

_MG_0093Often times we are asked, “Is make up really necessary for my head shots?” The short answer is YES! Not the expected answer…especially when you are going for a very natural look…but important none the less! Let’s break it down as to why…

We know it is an extra expense but the fact of the matter is that the photos, be it headshots or publicity photos, color or black and white, or even sepia…just look complete when professional hair and make up is involved. Now, depending on what the shoot is, a skilled make up artist can make it appear as the model does not have make up on at all. It is their job to highlight the natural beauty that is already there while concealing any blemishes or uneven skin tone or marks.

Can’t you just photoshop it in post? Yes, we can; but consider that photoshop make up has the appearance of exactly the way it sounds. We’ve all seen those photos where we think wow those are great photos but something just seems ‘off’. It is likely it is the photoshop or OVER photoshop as so many like to do.

The Professional Experience. The bottom line is if you are taking the time to pay for professional photos, you as the CEO of your business need to consider the entire experience to be professional. That means calling in professional hair and MUA (Make up Artist) to complete the team. Professionals went to school. They have the talent and the knowledge to know how to achieve certain looks in person, on camera, and on film.

The team: The photographer and make up artist work in tandem. Often a desired look is achieved by talent on both ends of the MUA and the post editing or lighting. It is the professional level that allows these people to understand what each is capable of and needed for the best photos. Good make up makes editing easier and THAT makes for excellent end product!!

Skill set: A professional make up artist comes with experience and professional product. They work with sterile brushes and product. They come with a knowledge base that ranges from natural beauty make up to period make up to avant guarde and fantasy. They know how to build a look and tweak it according to face shape and best features. They are on top of what’s trending and they know how to work with different skin types, undertones, and all types of ethnicities.

For men and children: For men, for sure a skilled MUA can enhance and conceal to give a natural appearance (but better). For children, unless there is a blemish or severe under eye circles, make up is not necessary. Once into the teens, however, it is encouraged for both genders for smooth skin.

Last thoughts: If you as the artist or designer are going to take the time to seek out a professional photographer, consider the whole team of professionals. Not only will you receive better end product but heck, who doesn’t like to be pampered? Enjoy the experience!

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