We ADORE working with Katie and Kangacoo Designs! Not only is she an excellent designer of kid fashion, she is a kind and generous soul who is eager to help others out!! In fact, her entire mandate of her blog is to help out other folks in the fashion business….designers, photogs, models…anyone looking to enter this biz!! How wonderful is that?! Enjoy this candid interview we did with her and learn why working with her is so much fun!!

The Fashion Business Mentor

I am popping back on to continue my series on photography.  If you are just joining this series on my blog I have taken the time to interview some photographers who have generously shared their insight on how to take good fashion photos.
This Spotlight is on JT Pro Imaging who has shot a lot for me in the past months.  I will share some of my favorite photos throughout the post and a series of photos they have done for others at the end of the post Including a holiday card for a certain celebrity).  All photos are property of kangacoo designs or JT Pro Imaging and may only be reposted with proper photo/designer credits and or permission.  Now on to the fashion photography insight and eye candy.  Let’s start with a photo of my new womens bootwarmers.
1.      What is your primary focus in photography (types of photography/subjects?events?etc.)
We are a husband…

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