One of the best ‘Thank You’ cards EVER! We feel the same about Katie! Excellent business woman, dynamic and organized. Absolutely LOVE working with her and her passion for what she does!!

The Fashion Business Mentor

I wanted to take a quick break from interviews to address the purpose of this series.  I want to give you all some insight as to how photographers and designers think as they approach fashion photography.  That is the purpose of the interviews.  But I also want to take that information and my own experience and combine it to create some tips that will help you get the photos you need to sell product.

I have been lucky to work with some amazing photographers with some amazing styles.  In the last year I have moved from working with photographers all over the US to mainly working with local photogs so I can be present.  I want to inject my styling and vision into the shoots.  It’s something I am still defining but the goal is to create a more cohesive look when it comes to images used to represent my brand, kangacoo…

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