This is Halloween

This time of year is so inspiring to me! Tis the season of imagination!! The crafts!! The costumes!!! It seems that October is free licence to create and it is beautiful to watch people tap into their own mediums of creativity. The same holds true for us at JT Pro Imaging. One of my obsessions this season is make up.

In my off time I’ve been exploring different make up techniques. In it, I’ve found a whole new playground and found a new variable in excellent photography. I will be posting some of my photos on Pinterest and on Facebook for you all to enjoy.

Today’s photo is inspired by one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!! This make up is perfect for a crisp fall day. Using eyebrow technique from Anastasia Eyebrows, I framed the eye to be the highlight of this make up story. The cheeks are dusted with MUD‘s Pumpkin and it too frames the eye. The lips are a soft gloss ‘SPICY’ again by MUD. The eyes then have a classic wing to it but used pumpkin orange and copper instead of traditonal black or brown. The result is a general warmth all over with a punch of orange that make these blue eyes just POP! This clean make up is easy to go from day to night with an addition of darker lid color and a little more lash.

The photography was done with natural light with a simple reflector.  Enjoy!! ~Jen


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