Karan Brar sets example for Young Hollywood

There is nothing ‘Wimpy’ about Karan Brar. At the ripe age of 13, he is building a resume that takes most actors a lifetime to attain. Seen regularly on Disney’s ‘Jessie’, he also has made guest appearances on ‘Sophia the First’ and Disney XD’s ‘Pair of Kings’. This summer of course, he reprised his role of Chirag Gupta for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. He has a couple of new films getting ready to come out as well, but the real success of Karan is as a person.

Karan is a great student and is currently in eighth grade. He loves to swim and is looking forward to moving into the new home with the family as it has a pool! We’ve had the honor to work with Karan and his family since before Diary came out and through all the success, Karan has shone. He is an example for all young actors as he treats everyone with respect and he is a genuine individual thankful for the opportunities given to him. This attitude, along with hard work and excellent family support has put Karan Brar on the map and we look forward to seeing more and more success for him!

Where you’ll see him next: Popstar Magazine, November issue

Where you can keep up to date on Karan: www.karanbrar.comand @thekaranbrar

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