September Challenge Assignment

One thing there is an abundance of here in Hollywood…OPPORTUNITY

September’s Challenge Assignment is to take a business class or seminar. Why in the world would you the actor, the artiste, need a business class?? Well, to put it simply, you ARE your business. And as CEO of you, it is your job to learn how to run a small business.

So this month, as kids go back to school, so should you!! Search on line and in person. Find a good book and learn how to market and care for the business of YOU. Be sure to look into legal info, accounting, marketing, and all that good stuff anyone needs to know to launch a successful business.

One word of caution…this can be daunting and downright overwhelming, especially to creative types who function much better with fluid rather than rigid. Go slow…one step at a time. Just find one class or book or seminar that you can use to apply to your business. Maybe it’s learning the pros and cons of being incorporated, maybe i’ts accounting, perhaps it’s marketing. The point is, choose something that is do able and relevent to where you are in your journey. Keep up the good work!!!



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