August’s challenge Assignment

Smart Marketing

Bella King by JT Pro Imaging

It’s almost ironic that I’ve fallen behind in updating the blog and this month the challenge assignment was smart marketing. The beautiful part of this business is when things go off track, it’s not too daunting a task to get back on it. SO her I am and here we go!!

Press Kits: This is something you develop. It includes interviews and media photos. It’s something your reps develop with you to be able to pitch to talk shows etc. It shows you know how to carry yourself in public and you know how to conduct your self in an interview. It’s constantly developing and you should keep copies of everything for yourself.

Demo Reels: Again, a pitching tool. Start with what you have and add to and replace as you get meatier roles and more credits. Once you have enough to pull from, consider a comedy demo reel and a dramatic one.

Publicist: Ah, the burning question…when to get one… like deciding to get a manager, this is really a personal choice. A publicist can be of help to get you noticed, can be of help to change your image, can work with you on a lot of different levels…it just depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend.

Social networking: This is a delicate area as some industry people love it and others do not. As with everything, do your research first and then decide who you are going to market to and how so. Do dillengence! The last thing you want to do is overstep your bounds and end up ticking off the very people who might be looking to employ you.

Websites, post cards, emails, and more: Look, there are loads of articles on what you can do to market yourself. If you are reading this then it is likely you are already researching these ideas. The biggest thing is to think first. Think about your BUDGET. Think about what RESULTS you are hoping for. And think about how this may or may not AFFECT you. In other words, if a CD openly states ‘Don’t contact me on Facebook.’ then respect that. SO this month (or what’s left of it) create a marketing plan that starts with now…episodic season and make it a twelve month plan. I know I’ll be revisiting ours!!


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