June’s challenge Assignment

Just like a dentist, it’s time for the six month check up…where are you in meeting your goals? time to ammend? time to add?

It’s nice to be able to see actual progress and this should be inspiring for the next six months for you and your career!

Going into summer it’s the time again to make sure your reps have everything they need to promote you the way you want to be. If not, perhaps it’s time to have a conversation with them. It’s also a good time to seek new reps if need be before episodic season begins. Check out your headshots and your promo shots. Casting is really liking specialty photos on line. The good news is you don’t have to print a bunch of different headshots but a full online portfolio is an excellent tool for your reps to have and it’s literally at their fingertips.

How about classes? There are all sorts of intensives and camps over the summer. If you are feeling pretty confident in your mad acting skills, consider a class or workshop of another kind and add a new talent to ye olde resume.

Look over your goals you started in January and see what you’ve met and where your focus needs to be. Adjust, ammend, and stay on (or get back on) track. Remember, this career path is a marathon, not a sprint! Good luck!!!


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