Old Hollywood Icon Project

We’ve been working on a project that embodies who and what JT Pro Imaging is as a business. We have named the project Old Hollywood Icon Project (OHIP) and we’re pretty excited about the results. The project was truly an exercize in what we are about, Capturing Personality, not Poses. We took modern actors in various stages of their careers and transformed them into Hollywood Icons of days gone by.  Of course everyone was excited at the chance to play an icon but it was so much more then that.

We didn’t aim to recreate exact poses. We didn’t want to show how hair, make up, and lighting could make someone look like someone else. Rather this project was to show how an iconic personality could be captured on film. For the photographer, there were lots of challenges in recreating lighting and technique. Vitually every photo we used was from a different photographer with a time frame spanning over fifty years. For the models, the challenge was to embody the personality of the photo and of the icon themselves. Ultimately it was a collabortation and a real testement to talent on everyone’s part and where as we can’t show you the photos yet, here is a teaser for what lies ahead.

Old Hollywood Icon Teaser

For more teaser photos and posts during the two day photoshoot, visit us and like us on Facebook.

Special thanks to all involved: Shannon French, Retson Ross, Mayuka Ishikawa, Clayton Snyder, Caleton Totten, Carl Schwaber, Rob Station, Piper Reese, Bella King, Lexy Paine, Pia, Kiri Margaros, Tamara Jordan, Directors Playhouse, and of course, Josh Tousey and stay tuned as the photos and full documentation of the project is coming soon!!


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