May’s Challenge Assignment

Web Presence.

It’s a subject of much debate in the entertainment industry. How much exposure is too much exposure? Or not enough? We are living in the digital age and things go viral in an instant. Facebook, Instagram (@JTProImaging), Twitter (@JTProImaging), Linked IN and the list oges on…. You can’t have a career in the entertainment industry, or really any industry without at least some kind of presence on the web.

So here’s May’s challenge assignement for you and your career. Ask yourself the following questions:

What sites are you on?

What does your presence look like?

How are they helping you? Are they hurting you?

Research what’s a good web presence.. and evaluate how you present yourself on line. Are your sites geared for fans or industry? Are they portraying what you want to world to know or not know about you? They say a picture is worth a thousand words…what are your photos saying about you?

Happy researching and revamping!!


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