Your last chance at a first impression

The entertainment industry can be temperamental. There’s so many ways to go wrong and with everything being so fast paced, it is easy to make snap decisions that later on could prove to be detrimental. It is important to understand there are stages to a career in the entertainment industry and jumping the gun isn’t the best approach. Once an actor has made that impression of “not ready”, it’s a tough sell to prove otherwise. It behooves the actor to do research and do it right. While there is always the element of luck in Hollywood, these steps are tried and true.

Get trained/stay trained: do research, talk with others, ask questions, get informed

Get professional quality headshots: do not skimp here.

Demo Reel/Actor Slate: If you don’t have one, have the other. This will change as you build your resume.

Get online: register on all the appropriate outlets Actor’s Access, LA Casting, Etc.

Once these steps are taken, THEN you can move on to step two, building your resume and demo reel.

For this start with the non paying jobs and student films. In addition to earning credits and gaining footage for the demo reel, the actor will gain tons of knowledge just by being on a set. Remember this industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Make your impressions count!!


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