April’s challenge Assignment

Get educated. Acting is an evoltution…never stop learning….what classes have you taken? what are you weak in? Are you at the top of your game acting wise? Then perhaps consider  a specialty thing like dance?

This month’s challenge assignment is to choose a skill and brush it up or create a new one. The goal will be to add something solid to your resume by the end of the month. Choose your skill and ask around to people you know in the industry for the best place to go get trained. Once you narrow it down to one or two call the places and see if you can audit a class. Most places believe in their product so much they have no problem offering a one class audit. You can sit in and see if you are a good fit.  Once you find your spot, go for it!! Put your all into it and once you have achieved some level of success, make sure your reps know of your new found talent. It’s one more thing they can use to pitch your wonderful self!!



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