Waiting Room Etiquette

Six quick tips to waiting room do’s and don’ts

Quiet: this is a room for preperation for talent. Respect other people and keep your voice, your phone, and your rustling bags to yourself.

Bring something to do. Parent bring something to do. Books = good! Video games that make noise = not so much

Food and drink: if you must bring them, make sure they are spill proof and again, quiet

Talking with others: it’s fine to say hello to an old friend but if it’s a conversation you’re after, perhaps it’s best taken to the hallway

The snot factor: Everyone is there because they have talent and a great look. You’ll catch far more flies with honey then vinegar so save the ‘looking down the nose’ and intimidation tactics for sports. Jealous and Snotty are just not cute looks. So yesterday’s fashion.

Siblings and pets: you love them. we love them…but not at the JOB interview.

Follow these tips to another successful experience in the biz!! Did I forget any?? Feel free to add to the list under ‘Comments’


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