Spring Clean your website!!

So much of the world is on line these days and the entertainment industry is no exception, in fact, in some ways, it is the leader. You as a talent must have an internet presence. It’s part of the job these days. You must maintain that presence and keep it fresh and interesting. It’s a lot of work but it’s all part of the job. So let’s get serious about our site!

First, do you even have a website? Ideally, you own www.yourname.com. You might also consider sites that your target audience may google to find you. yourname.me the officialyournamesite.com and others that are similar. When you go through a reputable source like Go Daddy, you can sometimes get package deals. I like Go Daddy the best. They have excellent customer service.

Website design. Your website is an extension of you so let your personality be reflected in the design and layout. Do you play primarily thugs or mobsters? Then allow your website to reflect that feel. Brand yourself and carry it through your internet presence.

Keep it simple: Decide your target audience. This will be largely based on your place on your career path. Are you catering to fans or are you looking to get work? Make it clear and then keep your website clean and don’t overwhelm the visitor with too much information or too much going on.

Link it up!! You have Facefook and Twitter and Linked In so make sure all those links are on your site. Industry pros use a variety of social media so make certain they can get a hold of you in their preferred way.

Of course, this is a general checklist to go by but it’s always good to start simple. For more specific questions, feel free to post. We will respond and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in some good direction. All the best and happy cleaning!!


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