March’s Challenge Assignment

Working WITH your reps.

Who works for who…do you work for the agents or do they work for you?

The answer is YES!!  You are part of a team. The really great thing is that as CEO of your own company, you get to build your team the way you want it! Agents, Managers, Photographers, Publicisits, Lawyers…they all make up the team that helps guide and steer your business. All of these people have a unique perspective that is reflective of their education and experience. As CEO, you call upon these professionals for their expertise and advice. In the end, it is you will make the decisions so choose your cousel wisely. Make certain the people you surround yourself with are people you respect and have opinions you value. If you feel bullied or forced into decisions that you are not confortable with, take a look at other choices available to you. It is important to trust your team and feel confident that they will represent you in the way you want to be represented.

This brings us to March’s challenge assignment. This month contact your reps and make sure they have everything they need to promote you in the best way possible.

Headshots, niche photos, online sites up to date with accurate measurements and credits, demo reel, actor slate, press kits, voice demos, work permits, where you can work as a local hire, and anything else they may need. Talk with them about the direction of the business and make sure you are all on the same page. Remember these are all team players and the ultimate decisions reside with you. Be smart, be reasonable, and be willing to work as and WITH a team!


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