February’s Challenge Assignment

Check yourself…Just like Santa, we have to make our list and then check it twice…

How are you doing?

Are you meeting your mini goals? Last month, if you took the JT Pro Challenge, you started setting your goals for this year. Then you broke them down into mini goals…bite sized and manageable. If you are reading this and scowling or rolling your eyes, chances are you are overwhelmed. Remember, the key is small, attainable and measurable goals. Perhaps your ideas were initially lofty and it’s time to revisit them.

This month’s challenge assignment is to check yourself. It might not seem like much but since you are instituting new habits and trying new things, you should take a minute to see to reassess and tweak.

Go over everything and recommit. Are the end goals still the same? Are the steps you wrote down working? Why or why not? What needs amending?

Don’t feel bad if you have to do some revamping. It takes 30 days minimum to make something a habit. It takes 7 times to make an impression. You are making a plan for success and it needs to be honest to work. So once you have recommitted and tweaked accordingly, post them where you can see them daily. Refrigerators and mirrors are excellent choices!

Keep up the good work! Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint! Stay focused and stay true to your goals! Until next time!!



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