Power of Niche Photos

photo reposted from slipkornswitch blog

Sometimes we get in a rut with how we are seen by Casting, by reps, and even by our selves. Niche photos can help people see us in a new way and perhaps open doors into new casting offices.

Hollywood does like it’s stereotypes. They are perpetuated on big screen and small screen productions. It might not be right or politically correct but it is what it is. We can debate the ‘correctness’ of it another time. This blog is dedicated to how these stereotyped characters might work for you, the actor.

For the sake of this article, we will assume you already have your great basic commercial and theatrical look. Now let’s consider adding some other photos to the mix to give your reps different choices for submissions. Do you look a particular type? Perhaps you are the kindest most gentle guy in the world. If you can look the part of the tough kid however, embrace that and get some photos to reflect that. There are always roles for bullies in commercial, tv, and film.

Niches to consider:

The bully, the cop, the cheerleader, the geek, the mobster, the cowboy, the Jersey girl, the California beach bum or blonde

Cultural Stereotypes… * a note here to be upfront if you are or are not a member of a particular ethnic group or descent. What you can play and who you are need to be clear and respectful to cultural sensitivities.

and the list goes on and on…

Once you have a couple niches you know you can look the part, talk with your photographer about doing a few of these shots. We’ve worked with several agents and managers who love these and have had great success with them for their clients. It doesn’t cost much to be able to add multiple photos to an actor’s online portfolio and we’ve seen these photos get auditions and bookings! The great thing is you don’t generally need to get these printed. Most reps like to have these as online choices but rarely have the actors print them. What that means to you is more tools for your reps and a chance to be seen in a way you might not have been thought of by casting before for minimal investment!!


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