Prepping for Pilot Season Workshop

This weekend we had the honor of being part of a line up of speakers at The Mentor Studio. Meeting new actors is always such a pleasure. They always have energy and are eager to learn! There were some great questions that were asked and we promised we would post some links and info up here. So for those who were there and participated…Hello again!! And welcome to our super helpful blog!

Great sites for you to get acquainted with: Excellent source of info They sometimes have free seminars Video stream lots of great training Specials and sometimes freebies Lots of articles

Of course, we will post great info on headshots and photography on and

Social Networking info on

These sites should give you a good foundation to start running your acting as a business.

Sites you need to be on: free free free. Also read Bonnie Gillespie’s articles. Really good info there to answer a lot of questions for you.

Hope this all helps you have a great pilot season!! It was great to meet and chat with you all and we will look forward to working with you when you are ready for your headshots!!!





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