Prep for Pilot Season- It’s All You!

For the last article in Prepping For Pilot Season, let’s focus on the main product you are out there promoting, YOU!!!!

Here are a few things to bear in mind as we move into the busy season and simple ways to stay on top of your game! For adult actors, this is a great reminder in checklist format. For child actors, these are great ways for you to take charge and a little responsiblity in your own business.

Be healthy: Keep a few easy snacks in the car. Juice boxes are a great way to get instant energy right before an audition. Other good energy foods include pretzels and peanut butter, nuts and raisins, cheese and crackers. Of course, there is the old standby…good old granola bars.

Be energetic: If you are one of those who get there early and relax or sleep in the car, allow a little time to wake up fully before teh audition. Take a brisk walk before signing in.

Be ready: Fifteen minutes early is on time and on time is LATE! Get there and pay attention once you are there. Are they taking you in partners? groups? Don’t make Casting come find you…stay close after you’ve signed in.

Be available: Don’t book things so close that you are watching the clock at your appointment. When you are there, be fully present.

Be relaxed: Do your best and then ‘fogettaboutit’. The one thing that is certain in this biz is that there will always be another audition. So relax, enjoy, and let the pieces fall where they may.

Be patient: This is perhaps the single most difficult lesson in the biz. The fact is there is no way to predict the trends of casting. The best you can do is to keep at it! Success in this industry is won as a marathon, not a sprint. It takes years of hard work to become an overnight success.

Be-lieve!! If you want it and you are training and being present and working with your reps, then your time will come!!! HAVE AN EXCELLENT PILOT SEASON!!! And remember, we want to hear from you. Write down your thoughts, your experiences, and how you are doing!!


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