Making your Resolution to be SUCCESSFUL!!

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The New Year has begun and resolutions have been made! January is always such a nice time of year to start things off on a clean slate. It’s excellent timing for the actor with the onset of PILOT SEASON.  This year in 2012, we are going to post one challenge assignment each month…all these assignments will help you shape up your business and put it on the path of where you want to be.

How will you run your business this year? Have you even thought about it? Be excited because this is the perfect time of year to get things organized the way you want and to set your self up for success! This year, we challenge you to take your business to the next level. Take the JT Pro Challenge! Make goals, make a plan, and see it through! Let’s start the year off with a real plan to get closer to where you want you and your business to be! Where do you want to be this time next year? In Five years? in Ten?

January’s Challenge assignment: Draw up your goals!!

Decide what you want in life. I mean what you really REALLY want in life. Translate it onto paper and get a real picture of what you want your life to look like. Include all facets including business and personal, educational, and emotional. Keep it simple and keep it clear. For example: By December of 2012, I will _______________. Write them down and keep them in a spot where you can see them.

The crucial part to goal setting that people to often forget, is to then take your large goals and turn them into manageable bite size mini goals. If you think of your ultimate goal as the end destination, what stops must you make along the way to get there? If your goal is to book one Guest Star role by December, 2012, great! Good destination! Good goal! Now, what can you control along the way to make that happen?

You can make sure your reps have up to date info and photos.

You can make sure you get “X” number of auditions.

You can take specific training and/or Casting Director workshops.

You can tailor your marketing to the appropriate people.

Divvy up the mini goals into monthly tasks, weekly tasks, and daily tasks. Making things managable while keeping your eye on the prize is the secret!!

Your turn to talk: What are your goals? How will you achieve them? Tell us and let us cheer you on to success!!!


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