Client Brittany Martz-Lead in Malice

Brittany Martz just wrapped the webseries Malice with writer/director Philip Cook of Eagle films. Malice follows the story of Alice Turner and her family as they move into her grandmother’s house in rural Virginia. Strange occurrences plague the family from the get go and when people start disappearing its up to sixteen-year-old Alice to go “down the rabbit hole” and rescue them all. The show officially premieres in January 2012. Sneak previews can be found on the Youtube channel, malicedownunder.

Brittany is a success story from a regional market. She generally works on the east coast in secondary markets but that hasn’t stopped her talents or success. Congratulations Brittany!! We are all very proud of you!!!

Next week…part four of four on Prepping for Pilot Season!!!


One thought on “Client Brittany Martz-Lead in Malice

  1. Brittany Martz has that compelling charisma that cannot be learned; it is either there or it is not. Having had the opportunity to work with her on “Malice”, I can honestly say that the sky is the limit for this young actor. She is totally in the moment when she shoots and goes from comedic to dramatic to frenetic in a New York minute. Very few contemporary actors in her age range can command this level of emotions as effectively and powerfully as Ms. Martz. There is little doubt that the next projects that Brittany Martz will be shooting will be multi million dollar studio projects out of Hollywood. Yes, she IS that good.

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