Prep for Pilot Season- Be a Detective

Fancy yourself a super sleuth? Pilot season is an excellent time to practice your super ninja detective skills. When you arrive to your audition, check things out. If most of the people are dressed a certain way and you are not, what can you do? If you thought ahead, you may have some extra clothes in the car that you can run out and change into. Whereas I’m not suggesting making your entire wardrobe mobile, I am suggesting that during pilot season things happen quickly. It is common to get a call for a same day audition while you are already out and about, maybe even on your way to another audition appointment. Having a few ‘stand bys’ in the car for pilot season can give you some quick change options and keep the unnessesary stress at bay.

Research Casting: This casting office you are visiting…what shows have they cast? What style acting do they like? Who have they cast in the past? The answers to these type of questions can give you a little insight as to what they are attracted to in a look or a performance.

Research Shows: The show you are going in for. What colors do they like? What type clothing do you see regularly in the show? Is there a particular style of acting that is signature to the show?

Know thyself and your type: The truth is you simply won’t be right for every role you go in for. Once you accept that the pressure will be off to be ‘it’ every single time. Play to your strengths, make choices and stick to them. What type actor are you? What roles do you play well? Does your headshot reflect that? When you walk in the room, do you reflect what they expect?

Today’s post is open ended with lots of questions. Consider these food for thought. You are the detective. It is up to you to do the research on all these aspects and then blend them together to make your performance in the audition the best it can be. Giving some thought to all of this ahead of time will keep you prepared and help you concentrate on the most important thing…your performance.


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