Prep for Pilot Season- Being Prepared

Simply put being prepared eliminates extra stress. During pilot season things happen fast and furious. Instead of an article full of fluff, let me just lay it out in checklist form for you…

1.) Have great HEADSHOTS. Make sure they look like you RIGHT NOW. You may think that shot from two years ago looks great but trust me, you look different.

2.) Up to date RESUME. Make sure your paper one is up to date with any projects, new skills you’ve aquired, training, etc. Check your ONLINE RESUMES too! Make sure your sizes and hair length and color are all accurate (as these things seem to change).

3.) Up to date DEMO REEL. Make sure it accurately reflects your talents and is filled with the most up to date material. If you don’t have enough material for a demo reel, consider a slate. Lastly, keep it short.

4.) Bone up on your skills. If you haven’t been in a COLD READING class lately, take a brush up. Be ready to jump when those calls and emails come in!!

5.) Check in with your REPRESENTATION. If you don’t have representation, now is the time to get it. NOT once pilot season starts. Once pilot season starts, Agents and Managers are working double time over time and then some and the last thing they will be doing is taking appointments for new talent. Get it squared away now. And make sure they have everything they need. (See points 1-3)

6.) Reliable TRANSPORTATION. Yes, you need a car to get around and you also need a Garmin, Tom Tom or some kind of GPS system to get around.

7.) Printer or Print Service for sides and breakdowns. This goes without saying.

8.) Have your CALL BAG ready!!

9.) Work permits, ID, Passports. Make sure they are all up to date. Period.

10.) Phone. Make sure you have access to a mobile phone and internet for those last minute appointments. And make sure your representation has all the info AND a back up number.

OK, that is the ‘hard and fast version’ but it should give you a nice checklist of what you need to do BEFORE January. Best of luck and may all those dreams come true!!


One thought on “Prep for Pilot Season- Being Prepared

  1. Thanks for this, there are a few things, I forgot about and this is a great reminder. Now I know we will be ready to go in January.

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