Prep for Pilot Season-Call Bag

Yes, it is the holidays! Time for all things festive!!! But amongst the parties and the dinners and all things Holiday, the serious actor knows it’s time to get ready for the busiest time of year right after the holidays….PILOT SEASON!!!! This month of December we are going to give you lots of tips and advice in getting ready for pilot season. If you think of something we’ve missed or something needs to be added, by all means, jump in and comment. We like and encourage comments and discussion!!!! That said, here’s the topic of the week. The CALL BAG

Your call bag should be ready to go at the drop of the hat. Why? Because things happen fast in pilot season and it isn’t out of the question to expect several auditions in one day, sometimes with a hour’s notice. The prepared actor will gladly accept that phonecall and spend the next few minutes plugging in directions and hitting the road instead of scrambling around trying to get everything together last minute. The result will be a calm relaxed and PREPARED actor who will stand out amongst the frazzled crowd around them.

The CALL BAG should be the size of a backpack or messenger bag. It should be comfortable to carry and you should keep it near the door or even in your car ready to go at all times.

What should be in it:

Headshots, resumes, and stapler (10 copies)

pens and pencils

Up to date Work permit (if minors)

Casting Frontier Bar codes

water bottle

high energy snacks like granola bars, nuts, etc.

breath mints (just in case)

lozenges or cough drops (in the event you need to sing or you are feeling hoarse)

reading material (in the event you have a long wait)

brush, comb, hair product and elastics

handi wipes

astringent for a quick face wash and cover up for blemishes

a fresh and clean shirt to change into for those last minute auditions

Your audition log book, actor notebook, what ever management system you use

If you are a singer: add music book with music prepped and ready, demo cds, portable music player WITH BATTERIES CHARGED, warm up tape and accompaniments

If you are a dancer: your dance shoes (all kinds if you have them) along with all music and play (see above)

An actor with a prepared call bag will be able to move faster when the phone calls come in. Then you can spend your time finding the place, printing the sides, and studying them instead of scrambling around to collect everything you need to be there. It may not seem like much but when you are slammed for time, you’ll be happy you took the time to do this now.


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