Advice for Parents of Child Actors…but adults should read too

This information comes from Judy Taylor and Backstage Kids: When asked what advice she had for parents of child actors, this is what Judy Taylor, VP of Disney Casting, had to say:

What I encourage is that kids start acting locally first. This is a competitive business. They are children, and it’s important that they have some kind of grounding and have a normal life. Before coming to L.A. or New York, do whatever you can in your own community. Parents need to see if this is something their child has a talent and an affinity for, and if this is somethingthat makes them happy. Start small before making a big move. If you find that things are going really well and if you think this is something your child is enjoying and can be successful at, then maybe make the decision to take it a step further.

Facing rejection at an audition is a valid concern. That’s where a supportive family can make a big difference. And that’s why it’s great if kids have other things going on in their lives — such as school, sports, and friends — to keep things in perspective.

I think parents want their children to be happy. If this is something their child wants to pursue, they want to be supportive. But if the child doesn’t want tomiss that soccer game or they’re feeling conflicted, like they don’t have enough time with their friends, that’s the time to pull back and say, “Maybe we need to take a break and just concentrate on the things you want to do.”

I think this is good advice in general and adults would do well to heed it as well. This career path is a long one and a very competitive one. The advice Judy sets forth is simple and straightforward and lets face it, we all do better when we have a supportive family in any of our endeavors. Show business is like any other business. There is a path to take that involves education and experience and like any other career path, it starts with a genuine interest.


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