Holiday Season = Prep Season

It’s already happening…people are gearing up for PILOT SEASON!! People are buying their plane tickets, saving their cash, looking up apartments and short term rentals….for those of you in Hollywood, your pool of competition is about to go up, exponentially! Are you ready? Is your business ready? Let us show you some business and clerical things you should think about in order to streamline your pilot season.

Bring your I-9  information to be photocopied for your agent and manager files; this is a copy of your passport, or birth certificate, social security card and school or photo ID.  If you do not have your i-9 materials, you will NOT be able to accept employment. Save the hassle…put this all on the TO DO list now!!!

Make a photocopy packet of the documents you are asked to present at your jobs.  Every job requires you take a copy  of  your I-9 information (passport, or birth certificate, social security card and school or photo ID. You might not need to present it all, but better to be prepared!

Provide representation with 30 pictures with resumes stapled 3 weeks before your arrival.  Notify representation of your anticipated arrival and departure dates and keep them posted of any changes.

If you have demo reels, supply representaion with two copies. Post your demo on Breakdown Services/Actors Access; this nablesyour reps to submit your demo with each electronic submission. FYI, they charge a nominal fee.

Update your resume on all the outlets: LA Casting and Breakdown Express, Casting Frontier and IMDB. Make sure your reps have your LA Casting account as ACTIVE as it will go INACTIVE when you are out of town.

MINORS: You will need to have a  current work permit from the state of California. They take a month to send it out so make sure you do it in DECEMBER!!

You will also need a Coogan account- if you do not have one, you will need to open one when you arrive.

Make sure representation has a list of your current  commercial conflicts.

When to call:  Try to avoid calling your agents. They are uber busy. Instead, call your Manager. Please be advised that we suggest you not call  before 11:00 a.m., asgenerally reps are in  breakdown meetings and need to make a messenger  deadline.

As CEO of your own business, get excited! This is a truly exciting time of year. Stay on top of all your business requirements and when pilot season hits, you’ll be ready to rolL!!! Now get your ticket, your accomodation, your resumes and headshots and go get em!!!


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