Modern Vision Board

This industry is full of inspiration and you never know where you will find it. This came to us in an email from Bonnie Gillespie, author of The Actor’s Voice on Actor’s Access. She’s usally got a good idea or two and this one was too good not to share!

The Modern Vision
Creatives tend to maintain visual sources of motivation
and I’m no exception to that practice. Only, mine isn’t the same as what I had
up on the wall in the early ’90s–images cut from magazines, words, and photos,
arranged on a poster board, collage-style. For about a decade, I’ve been making
good use of the “screen saver” function on my computer. I have a folder of
photos called INTENTION, and only the most inspiring, lovely, “I want to invite
THIS into my life” type images live there. My future house, our future puppy, my
gorgeous stepson laughing, us toasting a new venture with our favorite
champagne, my time at WriteGirl, me autographing a book, a student holding an
Emmy… all good stuff. And I set the “screen saver” to create a slide show out
of the images in that folder, whenever I’m idle for a few minutes. I’m on a stressful phone call? I’m breathing easy as a parade of blissful images float in front of me at my desk. I even keep the intention folder on my handheld gadget, so I can flip through it when I need a reminder of where we’re headed. Try it!
The modern vision board!
Thanks Bonnie! That’s good stuff!!
You may be asking yourself what in the world this has to do with Social Networking for Actors. Well, when you are focused and you know what you want you then make a conscious decision to move in the direction of your goals. This puts you in a better frame of mind for networking because you know where you are going and you know what you bring to the table.
Have you done a Vision Board? How about this new idea? Tell us about it and how it’s working out for you.Comment below. 🙂

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