Improving your Odds part two

In an industry where so much is out of your hands as an actor, it’s nice to know there are a few things that you can not only control, but can also IMPROVE YOUR ODDS. The last blog we tackled a few of these and in this blog we present a few more for you.

HEADSHOTS: The biggest complaint that’s come out of casting is that actors show up and do NOT look like thir headshot. Guess what actors…this is up to you!! Make sure your headshots are up to date!! Over 18, at least once a year. Under 18, every six months! If your weight changes, you grow up or out, cut your hair, color your hair, got braces, lost a tooth, blah blah…bottom line is this. If you have had a change in your appearance, you need new headshots!! Lucky for you  YOU ARE IN THE KNOW! And here is another leg up, YOU KNOW US!! We have great prices and plans that make it very affordable to do what the industry demands! Not to mention we have great quality headshots

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: My mom told me once, “You have two ears and one mouth. Use them that way.” It took me ages to figure out what she meant. Probably because I was so busy talking all the time. In this industry, this is a key to survival, and again, something you have absolutely 100% control over. Many times in an audition, you will be given a redirect. Pay attention! This is a good thing…they want to see how you handle direction. It’s OK to take a minute. The goal here is to see if you can follow direction. So go for it!!

BE BOLD: Be different and accept personal accountability! Life happens…traffic sucks, printers die, colds find you, things happen that will challenge you in preparing for auditions, call times, etc. The truth is casting doesn’t really care. You get one shot so make the most of it. NO EXCUSES. This is your job. And until the day you are in a position to call the shots, auditioning will be 90% of your job. 

If you have been acting for a while, you know this is not all glamour and red carpets. The truth is it’s a tough industry and it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. There is so very much you can’t control like how many auditions there are for your age/gender/coloring/etc. control the parts you can. When the phone rings for your next appointment you know you are bringing your best. That’s all anyone can ever ask.


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