Improving your Odds part one

We all know there are thousands and thousands of aspiring actors in the world. In Los Angeles, the epicenter of the industry, the competition is fierce with literally hundreds of people being seen in person for each role. And everyone lucky enough to get those coveted auditions is hoping this is the role that they are going not only book but will catapult their career to star level. The reality is only one person is going to get the role. And a great deal of tht decision has absolutely no bearing on your amazing acting chops. This is big business folks, and the almighty dollar drives the machine.

The good news is that there are a few things you can control.Don’t roll your eyes, these may seem like simple things but the truth is these things can be deciding factors on who gets the role.

First: Learn your chosen craft! Acting is like any other form of art and to be a true craftsman, you must get educated. Take acting classes is a no brainer but do more…find a coach, watch film and TV, learn the history of the industry, who the top dogs are and WHY. You can’t ever learn too much. It’s a fact of any industry…get smart in your industry!

Second: Be on Time! It seems like a no brainer but it is shocking how many actors don’t function on the concept of being on time. This business can move at the speed of light and not being on time for an audition can get your name passed right over. Honestly, Hollywood talks…and you don’t want the reputation for being late. People schedule things so tightly because directors are only in town for a few hours, to capture a certain light of day. Do yourself a favor, invest in a watch and use it!

Third: Be prepared! Again, it’s kindof a ‘duh’ statement but when you don’t show up to an audition memorized it’s a waste of not only your time but that of Casting. Sometimes you get your sides the same day as the audition. That is sometimes on purpose as casting wants to see what you do under pressure. Learn your lines and come prepared. Along with that, read what’s on the page. Don’t ‘rewrite it’ because you feel it should be written that way. Not your place…your job is to bring what’s already written to life.

SO, some basic things to keep in mind. They seem simple but they can make all the difference in the world. Tomorrow…a few more… Got anything to add? Use the comments and tell us!!


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