5 Tips to a Better Acting Business

If you’ve been an actor for more then a couple months, you have figured out that there is much more to it then getting great headshots, landing an agent, and going on auditions. Hollywood is big business and to be a successful cog in the machine, you have to know how to run your business!

There are a few resources out there that specialize in how to turn your craft into a business, plenty of books to be sure, and loads of companies willing to take your money for the privledge of preparing your business plan. Ultimately as with anything, it is up to you to decide how much money to invest in this part of your business.

Here’s five tips to a better acting business:

1. Get a good accountant, preferably one that specializes in Actors. This guy (or girl) will not only know what you can and can’t write off but if they are worth their salt at all, they will provide huge relief from money stress that actors tend to carry.

2. Develop a business plan…complete with goals and timelines. This will give you a visual to see where you’ve been, where you are and remind you of what the next steps are. Business plans can be found for free on line or you can pay to have one personalized. TIP: It will mean more and you are more likely to follow through if you do it yourself (cheaper too. 😉

3. Work the plan…you put all the work into developing it, now do it! It sounds simple enough but most people don’t get this far. Read it often and see where you are and be willing to add or subtract a few things as you find they do or do not work for reaching your goals. Check in every two months, reevaluate, and press on!

4. Network…surround yourself with your excellent power team. Then branch out, meet new people. Help other people so they want to return the favor. You know, good karma, what goes around…

5. Get educated…learn about your craft AND about the business of your craft. There is a rich history here and you would do well to know it. Know people, know stories, know companies, and how all of it affects and makes what the business is today.

Have you made a business plan? Tell us about it! What worked and what didn’t. What do you recommend for your fellow actors?


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