Work Permit news for child actors in CA

This week California Governor Brown signed AB1401 .  The new law creates a system similar to New York’s, whereby parents can obtain a temporary work permit online.  This option will only be available to first time applicants and the cost will not exceed $50.  The permit will only be good for 10 days, at which point the parent will have to submit a full application for a regular permit.  (Thanks for the update Biz Parentz) This can eliminate the need for out of state kids to get permits they might never use.  Now, if they book a job, they will be able to work that first one with a temporary permit.   What that means is another leg up for actors participating in the Hollywood market from regional markets.
We are really hoping this means that the government is also looking at doing renewal permits online. It would save a lot of gas, time, energy, and frankly stress for families trying to get to the Van Nuys office for permit renewal.  Yes yes, it’s a short blog today, but if you are a young actor or a parent of one, this is important info!! Carry on!!

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