Coogan Accounts

Today’s blog post is in conjunction with Biz Parentz. The Unclaimed Coogan account has reached the $3 million mark and that is a HUGE number. If you were a child actor, have a child actor, or know a child actor, please read on. This is important!!

1.  Go to The Actors Fund and check to see if your young performer has money there.  Click on the banner ad at or  go to   Look for “Beneficiary” and search the names.  Remember,  the Actors Fund list is only as good as the information they were given, and since the money was mis-directed something could have been wrong.  Try mis-spellings, first name listed as last name, initials, etc.  

2.   Do a good deed:  while you are there, scroll through all the other names that start with the same letter as your last name.  Just look through that one letter of the alphabet, and see if you know anyone there.  If you see a friend or co-worker, please contact them and let them know that you can “Show Them the Money” at  

 3.  If you are an agent or manager,  look through the list for your clients.  What great news you can give them, when you find money for them!  

 4.  Make a new commitment to tracking every paycheck your child gets. It’s the only way to make sure you have every penny your child earned.   BizParentz has a free tool to help you do this HERE .  

 5.  Did you get behind on your Coogan tracking?  We feel your pain!   You can do it!   Make this the month that you pull out the pay stubs and the bank statements and track down your child’s money.     

 6.  Gossip:  Please tell everyone you see on set (even adults—they know young performers and they could have been a child actor when they were young).  Tell newbies about the need to track their paychecks.  Tell agents and managers how money goes missing and how they can find it for their clients.  Feel free to refer them to BizParentz to read about Trust Account Information   

 7.  On set, you are the first line of defense!  When you book a job,  make sure to bring all your Coogan information and ask production to sign a receipt when you give it to them, as is required by law.   If you do this, perhaps production staff will learn to take care of Coogan documents for all child actors.  Download this  Receipt Template and keep it in your “set bag” with your other working papers. 

Special Thanks to BIZ PARENTZ for this important information!!!


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