CLASSy Actors

Have you ever heard a Casting Director say they look at the resume from the BOTTOM UP? This means this casting director is looking to see what type of CLASSES and TRAINING the actor is involved in. Sometimes, of course, they are looking for a specific type of training or to see where you’ve put in time and who you’ve studied with but more often then not, they are looking to see if, indeed, you are involved in some type of ongoing and long term training.

Why is this so important? Well, the obvious answer is that being involved in a CLASS of some kind shows you are learning the SKILLS that are required in this industry. But there is another underlying reason that is just as, if not more, important to the casting director. By being involved in on going training, you are showing casting that you are SERIOUS about your chosen line of work. It shows you understand you can’t become the CEO of the company just because you want it. You are taking the time to learn the business and the skills needed to advance in the industry.

Here’s another little tidbit for you…sometimes the casting directors like to see a healthy training section just so they have a point to start a conversation with you. “Oh I see you studied with so and so….” or “AH, you’ve had a lot of improv! Great! Let’s see what cha got!” Remember casting wants to see you succeed. If you are awesome and nail the audition, you make their job a whole lot easier so embrace the social time and be excited about what you have done and what you are learning. Your enthusiasm may just give you that slight edge people are always trying so hard to find.

This is GOOD NEWS for those entering the business and fear they can’t compete with the big dogs…you know, the ones with loads of credits. HEY!! They all started from the same place…with a blank resume in the credits section! Be excited about your chosen profession! There are so many worthy programs and coaches and such out there, that would be a GINOURMOUS blog in of itself. Sleuth out some good classes and/or a coach to work with and above all ENJOY the work!


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