Your POWER Team

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. ~Japanese Proverb

I LOVE this proverb because the visual is SO powerful. And the truth is so simple, as truths often are. This simple truth is the subject of today’s blog. Power in numbers! You the actor and your (turn on the deep commanding voice)POWER Team (insert special effects of explosions here)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been said a good leader is not the one who has all the answers but the one who surrounds himself with those who are smart in various areas. The same is true in business and the same is true with the ACTOR. Best selling motivational books have been published and a good million made talking about this concept. The fact is the load is lighter and the goal is reached with more minds on the task at hand. SO who are the members of your POWER TEAM?

REPRESENTATION: The coolest thing about being your own business is YOU get to CHOOSE who the members of your POWER TEAM are! SO whether you choose an agent, a manager, both, or neither, make sure you and they are on the SAME PAGE. Make sure they mesh with your career objectives and that you are all clear on what their jobs do and don’t entail.

MARKETING: Who do you trust with your Marketing and PR? There are PR companies who specialize in just that. Your PHOTOGRAPHER? Web designer? Your MANAGER? YOURSELF OR A FAMILY MEMBER? Remember, you can’t do it all, so choose what you know you are good at and then build your team with people you trust will get the job done!!

ADMIN: Who takes care of the scheduling? the classes? the communications?

FINANCE/ACCOUNTING: Make no mistake, this is an expensive business. Who do you trust to handle the accounts, the spending, and the saving?

THE SHOULDER: Who keeps you grounded? Lifts you up when you are feeling down? Is it a person, a church, a culture? This right here, VERY important part of your team.

Moral to the story…CONSCIOUSLY build your team and surround yourself with people who are gifted in each area so that you can concentrate on what you do best without extra stress of trying to wear all these different hats. Build your team, trust your team, and move closer to your acting GOALS with your (insert deep monster truck voice here) POWER TEAM!!!


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