The Business of Acting

Lately I’ve been asked a lot about the business side of acting.It’s spurred a lot of interesting discussions with people and I thought I’d take a day and focus on this concept. It’s avery unique balance because the entertainment industry is full of all these wonderfully talented people but very often amazingly gifted people in the arts are not as equally gifted on the business side of things. That is why we have entities like Agents and Managers. These people are very business oriented and it’s their job to take your talent and put you in the positions where you (all) can make money from it. It’s very easy to get upset with the AGENTS and MANAGERS and it’s always easier to point a finger elsewhere when you aren’t getting where you want to be in the business. It’s the whole left brain right brain thing….artist brains just tend to function differently then business brains. But the reality is AGENTS and MANAGERS can only SELL what you give them. So it’s YOUR job to keep them up to date with new looks and skills and marketable skills and anything else they can use as a WEDGE to get in the door to sell you and your talents.

How does this relate to this blog?

Well, a couple of weekends ago I shot a bunch of ‘up and comings’ of young Hollywood sporting their FALL FASHION SMARTNESS and they ended up being their own featured gallery in Spottin’ Style Magazine. Of course, as is the trend with all things marketed, these photos were linked to FACEBOOK and people went nuts commenting and ‘liking’. One of the kids contacted me saying that a Producer saw the photos and remarked that this was a bit of EXCELLENT PRESS. He said, “It may seem small, but every step you take moves you forward and puts you in the limelight to be seen and thought of.” WOW!! What great comments!! Another one of the kids sent the link to their MANAGER. Guess what? That Manager now has the article and photo in that actor’s PRESS KIT!!!

The point is this is a BUSINESS and you THE ACTOR need to approach it as such. Look for those UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES and make the most of them when you find them!!

Do you have a story to share about these unique opportunities? Let’s hear it!! Are you one of those kids from the shoot and want to share how those photos are helping your business? POST AWAY PEOPLE!!! POST AWAY….


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