2011 Omni Youth Music and Actor Awards

This weekend I had the honor of photographing the OMNI Youth Music and Actor Awards. There were many youth and celebrities alike in attendance. There was a lot of up and coming talent to be seen and heard and the energy was great!! Kyle Massey was a hoot to hang out with and a great role model for a lot of the kids there. As always, it’s great to see familiar faces of clients on the carpet! It’s wonderful to see them getting hrecognition for their work. It’s also a perk to see kids that work with me as they know how to pose on the carpet and great shots!!! (Insert shameless plug here)

The OMNI was founded by Marlene Dove to recognize highly talented students from the after school programs provided by LAUSD, Beyond the Bell Branch, and talented young people who are interested in pursuing careers in the performing arts. The awards happen annually and serves as a philinthropic event to reaise funds for programs that benefit the talents of our youth. It also honors celebrities and other high profile members in the entertainment industry who give back to young people and encourage them to develop the fullness of their talents and give them the discipline to focus and become well rounded adults and citizens.

Congrats to all the people (and their families) who were a part of this worthwile event!!



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