CONGRATULATIONS to KARAN BRAR as his new show JESSIE premiered on the Disney Channel September 30th!! With 4.6 Million Viewers, that isDisney Channel’s most watched premiere since Suite Life On Deck. What a wonderful piece of Disney History to be a part of!!

Karan has had a busy summer filming the Jessie episodes and also working on Diary of a Wimpy kid 3 (more on that later). Jessie stars Debby Ryan who plays an 18 year old girl from rural Texas who moves to New York City and finds herself the nanny of some very unruly kids. Karan plays Ravi who has a pet water monitor lizard and is the latest adoptee into the Ross family. Jessie has been approved for twenty episodes and after being on the set a few times, I can tell you first hand this show is hilarious and is going to be a HUGE hit!! Way to go KARAN!! So Proud of you!!!!

One thought on “CLIENT KARAN BRAR helps make DISNEY HISTORY

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