BRANDING part three

OK, so I have my BRAND, now what?

The quick and easy answer is, well, MARKET your brand.

There is a reason when I say McDonald’s a specific image comes to mind. Coke. Apple. Starbucks (had to put that one in for the wife). Disney. All of these are BRANDS that are marketed with precision. There are a lot of people paid a disgusting amount of money to make sure that when those words are uttered, you have a very specific picture in your head.

Like any good business, the idea of BRAND marketing works on the premise you have a business plan in place. Business plans can be as straight forward or as creative as your own limits. Of course, you can always hire a professional to help you out in this arena. There are plenty of people and firms out there who would gladly take you on as a client to market. Just make sure (as in ANY contractual partnership) you understand what they will do for you and what will be expected for you to do. At the risk of sounding like a total broken record, ultimately this is YOUR BUSINESS so take a proactive role in it. Use your brand to sell yourself and define your acting business. Just like any other product that is packaged all precise like, let the brand do it’s thing.

Please remember, this is a minute little crash course in BRANDING. I do workshops where we discuss BRANDING in more detail and help you work your plan in defining and marketing. That said, post questions, comments, discussion….and collaborate away…


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