BRANDING part two

In the last post we defined what branding is and what branding isn’t In this post we delve a little deeper in BRANDING for the ACTOR and what that looks like. Let’s start at the beginning…

Who creates your brand?

This is an interesting question and it really has to do with your philosophy on your career. The deciding circle can be as large or small as you need it to be. I always recommend to consult your representation. The hope is that you work together as a TEAM and forge ahead in goals and projects and your general career path. If you work with a PR firm, it would only make sense to include them in this discussion as well. After that, who do you trust? Your parents? Your best friend? Yourself? It’s really important that you take ownership of this concept. It’s great to work with professionals to sculpt, fine tune, and create, but always remember this is YOUR business and ultimately you ae marketing YOURSELF. There are too many tragic stories out there of the Marilyn’s who didn’t have control of their own brand, which ultimately, is themselves. YOU have to be the CEO or your own brand and be OK with what you (and your circle) create.

How do I know what my brand is?

Another question for the ages…. Because it is ultimately YOU we are marketing, there has to be some truth in your brand. For example, Lady Gaga didn’t just happen with an idea out of thin air. Those traits that are so memorable have a foundation in the personality of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Nike, Apple, Mc Donald’s, Disney…these are all notable brands that bring to mid a very specific picture, feeling, trait. Start your search for your brand with a real honest inventory of you the person. (Notice I said you the person, NOT the actor) There are numerous personality tests out there and if you ever happen to one of my branding seminars, we go over this in personal detail. Once you have an honest inventory, then you can set about creating a brand BASED IN TRUTH of who you are and aren’t. This is the super fast basic answer of course…but I’m open to discussion. And if you are interested in finding out more on JT Pro’s Branding seminar, let us know…we’ll make sure you get all the info!!

Next Post:

OK I Have my Brand, now what!!


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