BRANDING part one

There is a lot of talk in the industry right now on the concept of BRANDING. Everyone seems to want it, most are pretty sure they need it, but depending on who you talk with, it isn’t always clear what branding is exactly. It’s even more cryptic when the concept of branding is applied to the actor. Slowly people are starting to rise as ‘experts’ in the field but even they haven’t collectively agreed on the group definition. This is going to be a two part blog (maybe even three) in order to break it down so it’s simple and understandable.

Much of CASTING will talk about your BRAND. This is will be in casual conversation or in a workshop and not a lot will be said on the topic because in the past, BRAND has really been about your niche character(s). Like a lot of things in our every day language, this is one of those words that has morphed a bit and there in lies the confusion. When they ask, ‘What is your brand?’ they are really asking ‘Who do you sell your self as?’ Are you branded as the bully? Then own it and come in to your auditions as the bully, hair and out fit, to facials and demeanor. Most INSTRUCTORS will refer to this concept as your niche character(s).  I’ve heard ANGENTS and MANAGERS use both terms so as always, I encourage clear communication with your representatives so there is a mutual understanding.

Now as an ACTOR, you are really marketing yourself. Here is where the more modern definition of BRANDING comes in. The short answer is that branding brings continuity to your public image and the whole marketing package. This includes your heashots, your web presence, your public image at events, your press kit, and virtually anything you put out there (or want to OR don’t want to) with the intent being to create your unique personal BRAND.

Next Post:

Who creates your brand?

How do I know what my brand is?

One last thing…this blog is meant as an INTERACTIVE forum. So let’s talk. Ask questions…throw your thoughts and experiences out there. Let’s work on your career TOGETHER.


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